EEEEEKkkkkk I am so excited that you are considering

LKP to help you make some of those



Is it so important to be able to have someone that can relate to you and help make this process you are in right now so simple!

One thing is for sure I have been in all areas that I photograph! From graduating high school, to saying I do to my best friend, to going through the process of trying to have a sweet little miracle, and spoiling my niece and nephew! I may not be able to have those sweet miracles of my own but I have many that calls me their crazy fun aunt!

So I know how important each of these areas are to savor that moment! But I will say my ULTIMATE GOAL is to make your experience go above and beyond that!

Experience like you DESERVE!

WHY…Because that is how people should be treated…Love others as you would have them love you…RIGHT?

It is like a Jesus loving Chick Fil A service all wrapped up in the pic session! haha

Life is too short to not live in the moment, show God’s love and have a blast while experiencing it! This is YOUR time to celebrate and I cannot wait to photograph it for you!


is a Christian...Thank you JESUS!!! 
has a soft compassionate personality 
loves bling and things that sparkle
loves jamming out to music
loves tractor shows & large outdoor tractor pulls 
loves being a crazy fun aunt to Cayden & Emalyn
loves the number 14
hates to open cans of biscuits
loves to travel (mainly backroads instead of interstate)
thinks my husband's tractor is sexy...ha ha
has the best friends and family a girl could ask for
loves turkey hunting...gobble gobble
loves riding back roads
loves relaxing on the beach
loves snickers blizzards
loves Amish people
loves being a fur-mom to Bella Grace
is a twin to my mom but acts like my dad
best described as Crazy, Fun, Silly, Passionate & Encouraging
john deere girl all the way
loves makin memories
loves going to the farm with my dad
hates scary movies
loves half cut tea (half sweet & half unsweet)
loves seeing Scott in Realtree Camo
loves Christmas and Halloween

just to name a few