Alissa ~ Class of 2019 ~ LKP Senior Model Rep

So after researching and learning so much about Senior Photography I thought I had a good grasp on how seniors where these days. Well that was until Alissa's session! haha I wasn't expecting how this session was gonna go but I sure did enjoy every minute of it! haha We didn't even get out of Morgantown before Alissa and Allison (other rep came along too!) had my windows down and hooping and hollering at the Amish guys that was setup by the Save a lot. Apparently we share similar qualities for the love amish people. Theirs was a little different then mine but I was like oh ok this cool! haha. So we took a small trip to Leitchfield Kentucky to do some rustic senior session! Also thinking that maybe they would behave in this not so familiar town but WRONG again! They had the windows down and the music up and was hollering out the windows and everything. I cracked up. I was like if I don't get the coolest photographer award for allowing them to do this then I might need to put my camera down and go home! Not gonna lie I did feel a little old cause I remember when things like this never bothered me before. haha. We had an absolute blast on this session. I laughed so hard at these two together. And not gonna lie it made me a little nervous when we stopped to eat cause I was thinking oh lord what will they do to me next! haha We finally made it back to Morgantown and they thought I was crazy when I took them cruising on the old strip "back in my day"! haha

So not only did Alissa knock these pictures out of the park but she raised the bar to a whole new level on senior sessions. Not only did she make me feel old but then she brought me back to the youth side of life! The fun side and not a care in the world kind of night! And that folks is when I have decided that these senior sessions are for me! Lets have fun with these sessions cause not to much longer these kiddos will be my age! So Alissa thank you sweet girl for making my life and my business that much more fun. You are a hoot and I love you death chickie!!