Allison ~ Class of 2019 ~ LKP Senior Model Rep

One thing I have learned about myself is that I am so not an earlier riser! Well I have always knew this but since I have gone full time on the photography it has been proven time and time that I do much better in the afternoon/night! HOWEVER with that said I was worried when we scheduled Allison's senior session to be a bright and early morning session but no worries LKP was in full swing and ready to go even at 8 am! We took a small venture and went to Bowling Green Kentucky to try something different. And once again Bowling Green didn't disappoint and neither did Allison! You could put Allison in any pose and she would just rock it. I was like is there anything this girl can't do? She could be photographed in any area....any outfit... and just makes my job look amazing! I love days like that especially when it is early in the day! I really got woken up when I got so excited and jumped up and down on the stairs! She nailed it! If you have ever been on a session with me you know that I get so excited that I can't help but either squeal, dance, or bug out my eyes or who knows what I will do! haha I can't help it! I will say I am so happy we chose to do a city session with Allison. She may be a small town girl in this big ol world but I couldn't see her pictures being taken any where else but in a city! 

I am so happy to have gotten to know Miss Allison and have her as of my LKP models! She has such a sweet personality on her and is so mature for her age too well maybe not when her crazy bestie is around hahaha just kidding! But she does have a good level head on those shoulders and she will go far in life I have no doubt! Watch out world her comes this small town girl...