Brinkley ~ Class of 2019 ~ LKP Senior Model Rep

Up next was the most gorgeous Brinkley!!!

This sweet little middle child comes from one of these sweetest families on the block! Miss Brinkley brought a whole new level out when it came to senior photos. She didn't want to be the same ol same ol! She wanted to mix things up and I loved every minute of it. We took a small country road trip in Butler county to the small community of Sandy Creek. In Sandy creek there is an old old school house and we had special permission to be able to use the Boston School House and its property! I know this photographer was tickled to death. I love this place and when people have permission to use it...well it makes me extremely happy! I wish there was more old school houses around and better yet I wish I own this thing for a studio. It would be so awesome to have! We started out the session taking pictures of a classy old GTO!! {which is Daddy's proud of joy} We decided that Brinkley must be the favorite child to be able to rank this to begin with! After that we went out to the old school house and that is where it all went amazing! This just gave us such a unique style and I can't even begin to describe it! So I guess we will call it the "Brink style" and I guess that is all that matters! Right? 

Once again I am so thankful that Brinkley became one of my senior model reps! She may seem quiet but she has a sweet sweet soul on her! And not to mention I cherish everyone in her family and they take amazing pictures too! Isn't she GORGEOUS!!!!