Faith ~ Class of 2019

One thing I have to say if you are still uncertain about who you want to do your senior pictures then I highly recommend doing a smaller shoot with the photographer before hand. One reason I HIGHLY recommend it is because of what Miss Faith told me on our session! I did prom pictures of Faith two years in a roll. So when she was trying to decide on her photographer she said it was so easy to decide. She said she was already so relaxed with me and knew how I was during photo shoots! Let me tell you something by the time we did these senior pictures she was so relaxed in front of the camera and then threw some model material out to me even more! I was floored! I mean I knew she took amazing photos but seriously this girl raised the bar even more! She worked it! 

Faith like all other teenage girls wanted that big city look but didn't want to do a big city session. So she loved the idea when I brought up Owensboro, Kentucky. She didn't know much about the city but I showed her some images from different city sessions I had taken there and she fell in love with the old buildings. I mean who wouldn't? Have you been there lately? If not I highly recommend going to the downtown area. It is super nice and I love the atmosphere it gives. Anyways it gives that big city look and there isn't a lot of people around so it doesn't make the models nervous at all! The colors of the buildings are beautiful. Every time I go there I find something new that I fall in love with. 

Faith did great on the outfit choices. She really blew me away when the one with the beanie and net leggings came out. I was like WHAT that doesn't look like the picture you sent me. For those that haven't done a session with LKP...I have all sessions send me outfit choices before the session so I can be thinking of where I would like to shoot that type of outfit. You know get in my creative little brain and start thinking on what I want to do before I get there! But no worries oh LKP here knew exactly where I was going when I saw her in it. There is this funky wall we had used in a previous senior shoot last year and we changed it up a bit of course! The colors and style went great with the wall. SUPER SUPER CUTE! But I will say my absolute favorite was just the jean capris with the black rip shirt and the flannel shirt around the waste. That is for sure what I see a teenage girl wearing. It gave her a beautiful simple look and she was very comfortable as you can tell. She rocked it and of course when you add steps in then it will always be a WIN WIN FOR EVERYONE! It is a must for me to take pictures with some type of step on every senior session! A MUST! Not sure what my obsession is with them but I LOVE IT! I will say by the time we got to the red dress that the sun was going down pretty quickly. I get so excited about taking pictures that I forget about the time and I usually stop myself at 615 and get to the last spot to finish up the session. But by the time I got to the red dress and where I wanted to do them at it was going on 645. You wouldn't think 30 minutes makes that big of a deal but it did! We made it work and brought out the elegant look with this dress. Faith loved this dress and I could tell her confidence was HIGH! She was just twisting and twirling and just being a pretty girl in a pretty dress. She was too cute! 

Miss Faith didn't need a hair stylist or makeup artist as you can tell she nailed that part too. I would love to be able to offer a Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist for LKP in the future for my seniors. Talk about raising the bar on the experience haha #goalsforLKP  But then these days girls can do hair and their makeup so much better then I ever would have been able to at that age! Im lucky if I even do my makeup these days hahaha!