Garrett ~ Class of 2018

Hey Guys,

So guess who is so far behind on posting stuff that it isn't even funny! Yep you guessed it... ME! Whew! October and November have been wide open for me and they are finally starting to slow down a bit for me to start playing some catch up! I think I need to hire someone just to do my marketing side {Blog, Website, Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter} for me! That just makes me tired just thinking about it. I knew I always felt like a mouse running on the wheel and never getting things done but when you stop and think of just the marketing side of business that would wear a person out. That doesn't even include taxes, bills, photographing people, and etc. Ok so maybe I do need to think more seriously about this hiring business haha. 

ANYWAY... sorry I didn't mean to get off track but this little cutie right here is just as sweet as that precious grin on that face! He didn't complain about how long it took, how many pictures I took, how many poses I took or nothing. I couldn't get over just the laid back attitude this guy had. GIRLS I am telling you now.... you better run and grab him and marry this one cause he will be a heck of a husband later on! Great Family too! Garrett really got into the session after we got the ol camo on! Once again... I will say this no matter what... GUYS LOOK AWESOME IN CAMO! Whew! haha Like we need to have a "black tie" event but make it where they have to wear camo! haha... ok getting off topic again....haha. But seriously I couldn't be more pleased at how these turned out! Special THANKS to Garrett and his family for allowing LKP to document this special time for them! 

Laurie :)