Hannah ~ Class of 2018

I believe that if you are ever in a bad mood then you need to give this girl right here a call cause she has to be the most happiest person I have ever met! haha I know you are thinking...hold up I thought you were Laurie... WRONG haha I am normal just like everyone else. But I will say I just don't think anyone could be in a bad mood around this chickie. Hannah for as young as she is; is so full of life, personality, and a whole lot of LOVE! The world needs more Hannah's in this ol world! I know it would be a better place if there was.

We had such a blast on a road trip around my neck of the woods. I had put Miss Hannah in the road and when I looked she was playing "road kill" instead of the pose we was talking about haha And of course I had to take a picture of her doing it. The funniest thing about it was she was more excited about seeing that picture then any of them haha! She's a hoot! I told you all this girl is full of life! 

I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I did taken them! Don't let this serious look she gives fool you cause this little lady is awesome! 

Thank you Miss Hannah for allowing LKP to document this special time for you!