Kaia ~ Class of 2019 ~ LKP Senior Model Rep

Y'all better brace yourself for this next one! This crazy girl is not your average teenager and I am totally okay with that! haha Kaia wanted to branch out and be my different LKP model! Somehow I wasn't surprised when she started describing her style that she wanted! And really the only thing I could think of was oh my goodness we have to get this girl up to Pine Knob Theater in Grayson county! At this little theater in the middle of know where they have a diner setup, train cars, a small stage and all kinds of other goodies that would take you back to the 50s. I love this little place and I have been aiming to get up there to watch some of their shows. They say they are really neat! The small diner wasn't open the day we went but it was ok because I think we hit the 50s style theme that Kaia wanted right out of the park. Kaia's eyes just amaze me!! When we was on that train balcony I looked up and was like OMG your eyes are AMAZING against that blue train! So needless to say the gears changed and all I could think about was close ups! I absolutely love close ups but I have noticed that not many people do but Kaia didn't mind a bit! She knew she looked good and that is all that matters! If you can pull off red lipstick at age 17-18 years old you can face anything right! 

Miss Kaia I have so enjoyed getting to know you over the years and so happy you became apart of the LKP model reps! You just add the right little spice where it is needed chickie! And not to mention always brings smiles to our faces when you are around and in today's world that is very unusual but so my style! :)