Kenzie ~ Class of 2018 ~ LKP Senior Model Rep

One thing I always love saying is this chickie's name.... KENZIE!! hahaha I am always thinking "WHAT UP KENZIE" when I say her name and usually it's every time I see her! haha! This senior right here has some energy let me tell you haha! Actually after the first time of meeting Kenzie she reminded me of myself. Always wanting to have a great time and get together! She keeps me on my toes too haha! But no matter what I asked my models to do something (minis or events) Kenzie is the first person to say YES lets do it! I love each of models and like I have said before THEY SPOIL ME ROTTEN! So thankful that they wanted to join in on the fun of the LKP Senior Model Rep program this year! If anyone would like to join the program for Class of 2019 message me TODAY! And if you want to know how much fun we have just ask KENZIE!!! Make sure you say "WHAT UP KENZIE!!"