Sage ~ Class of 2019

When Sage (how cool is that name first off!!!) came in to talk about his senior session it was a little hard to figure out what kind of style he wanted. As most guys his age; he isn't into pictures or wasn't a bit excited about taking pictures so we started from scratch. He ended up saying do whatever you want haha! So after thinking long and hard we decided to take an adventure to my home town of Rochester Kentucky and hang out around the ol Green River! It is funny to me that I never went to the Rochester Dam when I lived in Rochester but I go there more now then ever to take pictures. Actually it has been a while since I had been to the Rochester Dam but I knew if this boy liked to fish but didn't want to do the fishing theme then we needed to get some water involved in this shoot! We have to make each session different. Why would we want his to look like everyone else's pictures right? He's not the same as the other guys! right? So on this little adventure I was hoping to do some bridge shots but when I ran over and killed a copperhead right at the bridge I decided it wasn't meant for us to go there. Sage got really excited and wanted to get out but I was like OH heck no not since I just ran over a snake there! haha So we had a small hiccup in our plans  but I am happy we did because I loved how these turned out. We ended up stopping on the side of the road and used an old building that was fixing to fall in. The colors on the wood was amazing! We did some around Rochester and all the old fun buildings and then we wrapped up the session at the Dam. And that is when Sage got excited about pictures! I was blown away. He was like can we do some on these rocks and can we get down here and do this. I was like WOW boy where have you been all afternoon! haha. I loved it. So of course we kept shooting! All in all I think Sage ended up having a great time even though he wasn't feeling the whole picture taken business!