Starr ~ Class of 2018 ~ LKP Senior Model Rep

WOW this girl... is STUNNING! Miss Starr was my first Senior Model Rep EVER! She was the very first one to sign on to the team and I am so thankful she did! She has been an absolute doll to work with and not to mention look how beautiful she is! So Morgantown this is your first ever model rep for a photographer! How cool is that! Miss Starr you made history at LKP and Morgantown and probably didn't even know it! haha! I will say she has been my "quiet" one out of the 3 but it is amazing how each model rep brings so much to the program! My senior models this year has ROCKED and I can't wait to the Class of 2019 brings! Actually they have spoiled me rotten more then they know! 

Best wishes to this girl right here and Thank you so much for joining the LKP TEAM!