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Attn: Class of 2020


The day Laurie Keen Photography starts taking applications to see who will become the NEXT Senior Model REPS for the Class of 2020! I am super excited about hosting the 3rd year of the senior model rep program. Each year it just keeps getting better and better and I can’t wait to add more to the program! Class of 2020 will be doing some of the similar things we have done in the past because let’s say it was a blast and we have to continue them! But for the Class of 2020 we will be adding a few new events and I can’t wait to discuss them with the new models!

IF YOU will be graduating in the Class of 2020 and would love to join the Laurie Keen Photography Senior Model Team, get a MEMORABLE senior experience AND have amazing pictures too then you have came to the right spot! This is open to ALL schools not just Butler County High School!

Please complete the application before January 15, 2019 at MIDNIGHT!! OH and be watching your EMAIL!!


So don’t wait and apply today! Oh and you may share with your friends and family too! Why not have fun with the ones we know and love!


MaKenzie ~ Class of 2019

Can you say NAILED IT!!!


Y’all I am so freakin excited to share with you all this gorgeous session with you all. I am sure if you have been on social media then you have seen some of these images over and over and over. I am not kidding I could show every single image from this session! I have so many favorites!

Not gonna lie when MaKenzie said we was gonna be taking pictures with horses I got a little nervous. ha! Deep down I am a chicken when it comes to being around horses but however I am not gonna let fear keep me from getting that amazing shot! I went out to MaKenzie’s house in Butler County! We had a blast! We did some shots around her house, then we also took a small trip to an old grocery store down the road and even did some in a cemetery haha!!! Only because it had an amazing fall view I just had to have!

We had some trouble getting a day to work for us because every time we scheduled it would rain but you know the saying “Good things come to those who wait”…. well we lived that saying for sure. Because we couldn’t have picked a more gorgeous day!!! A Perfect Kentucky Fall Day!


Faith ~ Class of 2019

One thing I have to say if you are still uncertain about who you want to do your senior pictures then I highly recommend doing a smaller shoot with the photographer before hand. One reason I HIGHLY recommend it is because of what Miss Faith told me on our session! I did prom pictures of Faith two years in a roll. So when she was trying to decide on her photographer she said it was so easy to decide. She said she was already so relaxed with me and knew how I was during photo shoots! Let me tell you something by the time we did these senior pictures she was so relaxed in front of the camera and then threw some model material out to me even more! I was floored! I mean I knew she took amazing photos but seriously this girl raised the bar even more! She worked it! 

Faith like all other teenage girls wanted that big city look but didn't want to do a big city session. So she loved the idea when I brought up Owensboro, Kentucky. She didn't know much about the city but I showed her some images from different city sessions I had taken there and she fell in love with the old buildings. I mean who wouldn't? Have you been there lately? If not I highly recommend going to the downtown area. It is super nice and I love the atmosphere it gives. Anyways it gives that big city look and there isn't a lot of people around so it doesn't make the models nervous at all! The colors of the buildings are beautiful. Every time I go there I find something new that I fall in love with. 

Faith did great on the outfit choices. She really blew me away when the one with the beanie and net leggings came out. I was like WHAT that doesn't look like the picture you sent me. For those that haven't done a session with LKP...I have all sessions send me outfit choices before the session so I can be thinking of where I would like to shoot that type of outfit. You know get in my creative little brain and start thinking on what I want to do before I get there! But no worries oh LKP here knew exactly where I was going when I saw her in it. There is this funky wall we had used in a previous senior shoot last year and we changed it up a bit of course! The colors and style went great with the wall. SUPER SUPER CUTE! But I will say my absolute favorite was just the jean capris with the black rip shirt and the flannel shirt around the waste. That is for sure what I see a teenage girl wearing. It gave her a beautiful simple look and she was very comfortable as you can tell. She rocked it and of course when you add steps in then it will always be a WIN WIN FOR EVERYONE! It is a must for me to take pictures with some type of step on every senior session! A MUST! Not sure what my obsession is with them but I LOVE IT! I will say by the time we got to the red dress that the sun was going down pretty quickly. I get so excited about taking pictures that I forget about the time and I usually stop myself at 615 and get to the last spot to finish up the session. But by the time I got to the red dress and where I wanted to do them at it was going on 645. You wouldn't think 30 minutes makes that big of a deal but it did! We made it work and brought out the elegant look with this dress. Faith loved this dress and I could tell her confidence was HIGH! She was just twisting and twirling and just being a pretty girl in a pretty dress. She was too cute! 

Miss Faith didn't need a hair stylist or makeup artist as you can tell she nailed that part too. I would love to be able to offer a Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist for LKP in the future for my seniors. Talk about raising the bar on the experience haha #goalsforLKP  But then these days girls can do hair and their makeup so much better then I ever would have been able to at that age! Im lucky if I even do my makeup these days hahaha! 


Alissa ~ Class of 2019 ~ LKP Senior Model Rep

So after researching and learning so much about Senior Photography I thought I had a good grasp on how seniors where these days. Well that was until Alissa's session! haha I wasn't expecting how this session was gonna go but I sure did enjoy every minute of it! haha We didn't even get out of Morgantown before Alissa and Allison (other rep came along too!) had my windows down and hooping and hollering at the Amish guys that was setup by the Save a lot. Apparently we share similar qualities for the love amish people. Theirs was a little different then mine but I was like oh ok this cool! haha. So we took a small trip to Leitchfield Kentucky to do some rustic senior session! Also thinking that maybe they would behave in this not so familiar town but WRONG again! They had the windows down and the music up and was hollering out the windows and everything. I cracked up. I was like if I don't get the coolest photographer award for allowing them to do this then I might need to put my camera down and go home! Not gonna lie I did feel a little old cause I remember when things like this never bothered me before. haha. We had an absolute blast on this session. I laughed so hard at these two together. And not gonna lie it made me a little nervous when we stopped to eat cause I was thinking oh lord what will they do to me next! haha We finally made it back to Morgantown and they thought I was crazy when I took them cruising on the old strip "back in my day"! haha

So not only did Alissa knock these pictures out of the park but she raised the bar to a whole new level on senior sessions. Not only did she make me feel old but then she brought me back to the youth side of life! The fun side and not a care in the world kind of night! And that folks is when I have decided that these senior sessions are for me! Lets have fun with these sessions cause not to much longer these kiddos will be my age! So Alissa thank you sweet girl for making my life and my business that much more fun. You are a hoot and I love you death chickie!! 


Brooklyn ~ Class of 2019 ~ LKP Senior Model Rep

So during my photography career it is a goal of mine to see how I have changed over the years. Never really thinking I would see a change in the middle of senior rep models sessions but it happened! A personal goal of mine is to always be learning and trying new things out. I have often wanted to do off camera flash and never really had the right stuff to make it just WOW me until Brooklyn's session! My assistant Mattie, Brooklyn and I took a little afternoon adventure down to Owensboro Kentucky! If you have never been down to Owensboro I highly suggest you take a later afternoon ride! They have a beautiful city that sits right on the river and they have some of the best little eating places near by. We didn't get to eat and enjoy ourselves because we were looking like the tourist people going from spot to spot posing Brooklyn up all over the place. This girl can take some pictures let me tell you. I had the hardest time trying to figure out which ones I loved the best. I don't know if it was her or if was my new light setup but man alive I felt on FIRE during this session! We threw new poses out and Brooklyn nailed them on the first try. We found some new awesome spots and her clothes that she brought just made the scene that much better! IT does help a ton when I have everyone send me their outfits cause not only do I get to think of where I want to put them but also get to know their style as well! Brooklyn blew me away when she brought out the bell bottoms! But with new poses, new light setup, and this backdrop I have to say we created TWO of my ALL TIME SENIOR pictures!! So get ready you will see these EVERY WHERE!!! Well you will see probably all of them cause there wasn't a horrible one in the bunch! First time I have done a session and wanted to show EVERY SINGLE lie!  

Im so excited that Brooklyn became an LKP model rep! She is so funny, beautiful and it just a great person all around. Did I mention we have a Queen on our hands too... that is right Miss Brooklyn is your 2018 Butler County Football Homecoming Queen! But seriously this girl is unstoppable and I have had a blast getting to know her! I can't wait to have more fun with this chickie! 


Kaia ~ Class of 2019 ~ LKP Senior Model Rep

Y'all better brace yourself for this next one! This crazy girl is not your average teenager and I am totally okay with that! haha Kaia wanted to branch out and be my different LKP model! Somehow I wasn't surprised when she started describing her style that she wanted! And really the only thing I could think of was oh my goodness we have to get this girl up to Pine Knob Theater in Grayson county! At this little theater in the middle of know where they have a diner setup, train cars, a small stage and all kinds of other goodies that would take you back to the 50s. I love this little place and I have been aiming to get up there to watch some of their shows. They say they are really neat! The small diner wasn't open the day we went but it was ok because I think we hit the 50s style theme that Kaia wanted right out of the park. Kaia's eyes just amaze me!! When we was on that train balcony I looked up and was like OMG your eyes are AMAZING against that blue train! So needless to say the gears changed and all I could think about was close ups! I absolutely love close ups but I have noticed that not many people do but Kaia didn't mind a bit! She knew she looked good and that is all that matters! If you can pull off red lipstick at age 17-18 years old you can face anything right! 

Miss Kaia I have so enjoyed getting to know you over the years and so happy you became apart of the LKP model reps! You just add the right little spice where it is needed chickie! And not to mention always brings smiles to our faces when you are around and in today's world that is very unusual but so my style! :) 


Allison ~ Class of 2019 ~ LKP Senior Model Rep

One thing I have learned about myself is that I am so not an earlier riser! Well I have always knew this but since I have gone full time on the photography it has been proven time and time that I do much better in the afternoon/night! HOWEVER with that said I was worried when we scheduled Allison's senior session to be a bright and early morning session but no worries LKP was in full swing and ready to go even at 8 am! We took a small venture and went to Bowling Green Kentucky to try something different. And once again Bowling Green didn't disappoint and neither did Allison! You could put Allison in any pose and she would just rock it. I was like is there anything this girl can't do? She could be photographed in any area....any outfit... and just makes my job look amazing! I love days like that especially when it is early in the day! I really got woken up when I got so excited and jumped up and down on the stairs! She nailed it! If you have ever been on a session with me you know that I get so excited that I can't help but either squeal, dance, or bug out my eyes or who knows what I will do! haha I can't help it! I will say I am so happy we chose to do a city session with Allison. She may be a small town girl in this big ol world but I couldn't see her pictures being taken any where else but in a city! 

I am so happy to have gotten to know Miss Allison and have her as of my LKP models! She has such a sweet personality on her and is so mature for her age too well maybe not when her crazy bestie is around hahaha just kidding! But she does have a good level head on those shoulders and she will go far in life I have no doubt! Watch out world her comes this small town girl...


Brinkley ~ Class of 2019 ~ LKP Senior Model Rep

Up next was the most gorgeous Brinkley!!!

This sweet little middle child comes from one of these sweetest families on the block! Miss Brinkley brought a whole new level out when it came to senior photos. She didn't want to be the same ol same ol! She wanted to mix things up and I loved every minute of it. We took a small country road trip in Butler county to the small community of Sandy Creek. In Sandy creek there is an old old school house and we had special permission to be able to use the Boston School House and its property! I know this photographer was tickled to death. I love this place and when people have permission to use it...well it makes me extremely happy! I wish there was more old school houses around and better yet I wish I own this thing for a studio. It would be so awesome to have! We started out the session taking pictures of a classy old GTO!! {which is Daddy's proud of joy} We decided that Brinkley must be the favorite child to be able to rank this to begin with! After that we went out to the old school house and that is where it all went amazing! This just gave us such a unique style and I can't even begin to describe it! So I guess we will call it the "Brink style" and I guess that is all that matters! Right? 

Once again I am so thankful that Brinkley became one of my senior model reps! She may seem quiet but she has a sweet sweet soul on her! And not to mention I cherish everyone in her family and they take amazing pictures too! Isn't she GORGEOUS!!!! 


Starr ~ Class of 2018 ~ LKP Senior Model Rep

WOW this girl... is STUNNING! Miss Starr was my first Senior Model Rep EVER! She was the very first one to sign on to the team and I am so thankful she did! She has been an absolute doll to work with and not to mention look how beautiful she is! So Morgantown this is your first ever model rep for a photographer! How cool is that! Miss Starr you made history at LKP and Morgantown and probably didn't even know it! haha! I will say she has been my "quiet" one out of the 3 but it is amazing how each model rep brings so much to the program! My senior models this year has ROCKED and I can't wait to the Class of 2019 brings! Actually they have spoiled me rotten more then they know! 

Best wishes to this girl right here and Thank you so much for joining the LKP TEAM! 


Kenzie ~ Class of 2018 ~ LKP Senior Model Rep

One thing I always love saying is this chickie's name.... KENZIE!! hahaha I am always thinking "WHAT UP KENZIE" when I say her name and usually it's every time I see her! haha! This senior right here has some energy let me tell you haha! Actually after the first time of meeting Kenzie she reminded me of myself. Always wanting to have a great time and get together! She keeps me on my toes too haha! But no matter what I asked my models to do something (minis or events) Kenzie is the first person to say YES lets do it! I love each of models and like I have said before THEY SPOIL ME ROTTEN! So thankful that they wanted to join in on the fun of the LKP Senior Model Rep program this year! If anyone would like to join the program for Class of 2019 message me TODAY! And if you want to know how much fun we have just ask KENZIE!!! Make sure you say "WHAT UP KENZIE!!"