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Attn: Class of 2020


The day Laurie Keen Photography starts taking applications to see who will become the NEXT Senior Model REPS for the Class of 2020! I am super excited about hosting the 3rd year of the senior model rep program. Each year it just keeps getting better and better and I can’t wait to add more to the program! Class of 2020 will be doing some of the similar things we have done in the past because let’s say it was a blast and we have to continue them! But for the Class of 2020 we will be adding a few new events and I can’t wait to discuss them with the new models!

IF YOU will be graduating in the Class of 2020 and would love to join the Laurie Keen Photography Senior Model Team, get a MEMORABLE senior experience AND have amazing pictures too then you have came to the right spot! This is open to ALL schools not just Butler County High School!

Please complete the application before January 15, 2019 at MIDNIGHT!! OH and be watching your EMAIL!!


So don’t wait and apply today! Oh and you may share with your friends and family too! Why not have fun with the ones we know and love!


Sage ~ Class of 2019

When Sage (how cool is that name first off!!!) came in to talk about his senior session it was a little hard to figure out what kind of style he wanted. As most guys his age; he isn't into pictures or wasn't a bit excited about taking pictures so we started from scratch. He ended up saying do whatever you want haha! So after thinking long and hard we decided to take an adventure to my home town of Rochester Kentucky and hang out around the ol Green River! It is funny to me that I never went to the Rochester Dam when I lived in Rochester but I go there more now then ever to take pictures. Actually it has been a while since I had been to the Rochester Dam but I knew if this boy liked to fish but didn't want to do the fishing theme then we needed to get some water involved in this shoot! We have to make each session different. Why would we want his to look like everyone else's pictures right? He's not the same as the other guys! right? So on this little adventure I was hoping to do some bridge shots but when I ran over and killed a copperhead right at the bridge I decided it wasn't meant for us to go there. Sage got really excited and wanted to get out but I was like OH heck no not since I just ran over a snake there! haha So we had a small hiccup in our plans  but I am happy we did because I loved how these turned out. We ended up stopping on the side of the road and used an old building that was fixing to fall in. The colors on the wood was amazing! We did some around Rochester and all the old fun buildings and then we wrapped up the session at the Dam. And that is when Sage got excited about pictures! I was blown away. He was like can we do some on these rocks and can we get down here and do this. I was like WOW boy where have you been all afternoon! haha. I loved it. So of course we kept shooting! All in all I think Sage ended up having a great time even though he wasn't feeling the whole picture taken business! 


Matthew ~ Class of 2019 ~ LKP Senior Model Rep

Oh the day I almost died! haha Girls let me tell you what when doing pictures of guys on their senior sessions it is a must that I loose weight approximately 2-4 weeks ahead of time. {haha} Matthew wanted to be the adventurous one his session. I thought yeah sure lets go check out Pennyrile State Park Resort and take a few pics. I am all about going to the extreme on my sessions and doing things different. Who wants the same ol session right? Back to the session... so these few pics at this amazing beautiful state park turned into hiking trails, climbing up steep hills, and all kinds of other stuff. I was so not ready for this one. I was huffing and puffy and not to mention it was the hottest day of the year. And this big girl doesn't like to sweat at all. Needless to say I will say it was worth every thought of dying, huffing and puffing, begging for 911 to come pick me up {haha}  and all the other horrible thoughts I had for the outcome of these beautiful images. This session was defiantly lots of memories was made and then we ended up in Amish country close to Hopkinsville, Kentucky. If anyone knows me I am obsessed with Amish people so this made up for all the thoughts of me dying too. So it turned out to be an awesome adventurous session and not gonna lie I would love to go back down there to hang out again. So if you haven't checked it out I highly recommend it. So peaceful nice little getaway and it wasn't far at all! 

So Matthew is my VERY FIRST MALE MODEL REP and I couldn't have picked a better guy to rock it. For all those future guys you all better get ready cause Matthew has sit the bar high! So don't be afraid to join in on the fun next year! I am so thankful he join the team and he has been nothing but a sweet little "nephew" to me since day one! 


Garrett ~ Class of 2018

Hey Guys,

So guess who is so far behind on posting stuff that it isn't even funny! Yep you guessed it... ME! Whew! October and November have been wide open for me and they are finally starting to slow down a bit for me to start playing some catch up! I think I need to hire someone just to do my marketing side {Blog, Website, Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter} for me! That just makes me tired just thinking about it. I knew I always felt like a mouse running on the wheel and never getting things done but when you stop and think of just the marketing side of business that would wear a person out. That doesn't even include taxes, bills, photographing people, and etc. Ok so maybe I do need to think more seriously about this hiring business haha. 

ANYWAY... sorry I didn't mean to get off track but this little cutie right here is just as sweet as that precious grin on that face! He didn't complain about how long it took, how many pictures I took, how many poses I took or nothing. I couldn't get over just the laid back attitude this guy had. GIRLS I am telling you now.... you better run and grab him and marry this one cause he will be a heck of a husband later on! Great Family too! Garrett really got into the session after we got the ol camo on! Once again... I will say this no matter what... GUYS LOOK AWESOME IN CAMO! Whew! haha Like we need to have a "black tie" event but make it where they have to wear camo! haha... ok getting off topic again....haha. But seriously I couldn't be more pleased at how these turned out! Special THANKS to Garrett and his family for allowing LKP to document this special time for them! 

Laurie :)